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We are seeing a large influx of innovative clinicians who want to focus on what they do best and skip administration. See how we can seamlessly help you take a step into the future.

Increased availability. Less admin.

Accessibility and transparency.

We believe in creating a healthcare environment that is both accessible and transparent. At Zymego, transparency and accessibility are fundamental principles. We want to make a difference every day and contribute to more open and accessible care.

Kom igång på 60 minuter. Det är enkelt.

Vi kommer tillsammans med er överens om när ni vill starta och kopplar upp er mottagning till Zymego i samarbete med ert journalsystem. När kopplingen är upprättad krävs endast ett 60 minuters möte med er bokningspersonal för att komma överens om vilka inställningar ni vill ha. Därefter kan personalen fortsätta sitt arbete i journalsystemet som vanligt, medan Zymego jobbar tyst i bakgrunden. Ingen utbildning krävs för personalen.

Snabba resultat. Kliniker ser skillnad inom en månad.

Zymego är går snabbt att implementera och fungerar för alla typer av medicinska scenarier. Vi finns alltid tillgängliga för att stötta er genom hela processen med. Ta ett kliv in i framtiden med oss. De flesta kliniker ser resultat inom en månad.

We are driven by partnerships.

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Easy to get started

Getting started, only takes a 60 minute meeting with the staff responsible for appointment management. We connect Zymego to your clinic in collaboration with your electronic patient record (EPR) system. You continue working in your EPR system as normal, and Zymego works silently in the background.

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Frequently asked questions

Through our advanced booking logic, Zymego can handle a wide variety of cases. You set up the rules that should apply to different appointment types and Zymego follows them. Since we are able to set up specific rules for each appointment type, we can ensure that all bookings are handled correctly, adapted to different types of requirements related to your appointments.

We see all clinics as long-term partners, in this way we can help you and your patients in the best possible way. Zymego was founded as a response to the problems that one of our founders discovered as a doctor in his clinical work. Our goal is to create value for you, for your patients and for society at large. To reach that goal, our team is always close at hand and is responsive to how you experience our solution. We are constantly developing the solution and adding new smart features, which is why we place great emphasis on listening to the clinics that use Zymego. Your valuable suggestions for improvements help us provide the best possible service to you and your patients.

Zymego is the only solution that automatically fills late cancellations, working to the rules that you have set-up. We manage appointments and scheduling in a completely new way. Through very advanced booking logic, we can handle many more appointment types and complicated booking cases than most other solutions. In addition, we reduce the number of cancellations by offering patients a smart option where they can request days that suit them. All these features are completely unique to Zymego. However, it is perfectly possible to use Zymego in parallel with your current booking portal if required.

We handle personal data in accordance with the GDPR and cooperate only with European IT providers for encryption and storage of personal data. In order to offer our customers and their patients safe and secure services, we continuously follow the latest safety recommendations. Furthermore, we have limited the handling of patient data to include appointment data only.

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