"Zymego makes me feel safe"

Lars-Eric Bröddén

Specialist in Orthopedic Medicine, Hyllie Idrottsskadeklinik

What is the most important result you’ve had from using Zymego?

Zymego has made a big difference to me! The solution means that I can focus on taking care of my patients, relieve myself of the administrative burden and that my patients can be confident that they will always have access to the earliest available time.

Tell us about the challenges you had before starting Zymego, which made you want to start using the service.

I had long waiting times and patients who would’ve liked to have an earlier appointment and wanted to be on the waiting list. I wanted to focus on working close to patients and found it difficult to give patients the service regarding appointments that I would’ve liked. I had a hard time finding enough time to call in patients, to fill late appointments.

How did you find Zymego?

I heard about Zymego through the WebDoc medical record system that I use.

What considerations did you make before choosing to implement Zymego?

I wasn't sure it would work as well as promised, but it has worked very well. We've had systems with algorithms before and it hasn't worked, but Zymego did.

What concerns did you have about the system?

I was afraid that Zymego would mean more work, that late cancellations would not be filled, that appointments would be double-booked and I would be left with two patients who needed help. That would’ve been stressful for me, as I obviously want to help both patients but don't have the time needed. This has not happened with Zymego. It has worked seamlessly and without problems. Another concern was whether it would be cost-effective. The goodwill I get from the patients far exceeds the price I pay. I am very grateful that it works.

What made you decide to start using Zymego?

I had patients who would’ve liked to shorten their waiting time and I wanted to provide good service to these patients, while being able to focus on patient care, instead of administration.

How did you experience working with  Zymego?

It was completely painless. We went through the rules for the appointment types and I was well supported.

How long until you experienced a noticeable effect of Zymego after launch?

Almost immediately. I received feedback from patients that they appreciated Zymego, that's how I noticed Zymego was part of my business. The patients felt it was absolutely amazing that they could get an appointment so quickly even though I had booked them so far in advance.

What problems have you encountered starting Zymego?

I haven't had any problems.

What do patients think of the service?

Patients think Zymego is absolutely amazing, I usually have wait times of 6-8 weeks but with Zymego patients were able to get an appointment within days. Every week I get feedback from patients that they appreciate Zymego. I wouldn’t have had time to manually fill out those late cancellations. Good for me and extremely good for the patients.

What would you say to other clinicians considering starting to use Zymego?

Try it. I have a small clinic, it is only me who is treating and it is extremely important to me that my business should work. Zymego works in my business, in an absolutely fantastic way. I am very grateful for the help I received.

What results have you achieved using Zymego?

Fewer empty appointments and grateful patients.

What do you think about working with Zymego? Is there anything that is particularly positive?

Zymego are really interested and committed to making it work for my business. I feel safe with Zymego.

Do you have a specific experience you remember, when you realised that Zymego books appointments automatically?

When a patient spontaneously expressed to me that he was very grateful to be given an earlier appointment (due to a late cancellation). Since then, I have continuously received similar feedback from my patients. I usually book my patients well in advance, but I always encourage them to register for Zymego, because there they can get an appointment in the next few days. You almost always get an earlier appointment as a patient, it's cool and works great.

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