How to use Zymego

You can simply manage all your healthcare and dental appointments using Zymego

Shorten your waiting time

You can register to receive notifications of offers for earlier appointments. Once you have registered for an earlier appointment, Zymego automatically scans the clinic's calendar every 15 minutes to look for empty appointments that match your requirements. Upon finding a suitable appointment, we'll send you an offer via text message or email. You can then log in to the Zymego web app to accept or decline the offer. To prevent appointments from remaining empty, we send offers to five patients at a time, on a a first-come, first-served basis.

Reschedule and cancel appointments

With Zymego's web app, you can reschedule and cancel your appointments.

1. Log in using electronic ID. Booked appointments at your clinics connected to Zymego will be displayed.

2. Click on an appointment.

3. Select reschedule or cancel.

4. If you choose to reschedule, select an available appointment.

5. You will receive a confirmation within the web app, confirming that the appointment has been successfully rescheduled or canceled. Rescheduled appointments will be accessible under the 'My Bookings' section. Additionally, confirmation will be sent to you via email and test message.

Request days that suit you

If you wish to reschedule your appointment but cannot find a suitable slot in the rescheduling calendar, you can request your preferred days for a new appointment. You may then choose to either keep or cancel your original appointment. Once you've submitted your preferred days, Zymego searches for available appointments on your requested days, every 15 minutes, around the clock. 

If you choose to cancel your original appointment after submitting your preferred days

‍Upon availability of an appointment, on one of your requested days, we will schedule you accordingly and send a booking confirmation via both text message and email.

In the event that we are unable to find an available appointment after the expiration of all your requested days, we will proceed to search for the earliest available appointment in the clinic's calendar. 

If you choose to keep your original appointment after submitting your preferred days

Upon availability of an appointment on one of your requested days, you will receive a notification with an offer of the available appointment. You may then click the link provided in the notification to view the appointment and either accept or decline it.‍