"Patients love Zymego"

How was it before Zymego?

Before Zymego, I felt an immense frustration because I have incredibly competent staff who were not being utilised properly as they spent all day chatting with patients about when they could come in for appointments. A patient might be in a meeting and respond an hour later, by which time the offered slot was taken, and ultimately, we had to call the patient back. In the end, we didn’t save any time at all with other digital solutions. There was something missing that made the booking administration efficient.

What challenge were they trying to solve with Zymego?

We have specialist nurses with 20 years of experience who sit and assist patients with scheduling their appointments. Both I, the patients, and the staff would rather focus on providing care than sitting with administration.

What opportunities did they see?

With Zymego, we saw not only a purely economic gain but also that the staff, who handle bookings, wouldn’t have to deal with administration and could focus on providing care. Administration frustrates and sucks the life out of the staff. We saw that if we could separate the medical assessment from the administrative booking management, we could increase job satisfaction, which I think is an important win.

What made Zymego stand out from other options?

With Zymego, the staff don’t need to learn a new system, they continue to work as they always have done. There are many other systems that are really good, but when introduced to the staff, it becomes one system too many for them to keep track of, and that doesn’t work. That is not the case with Zymego, which is very good.

Was there anything that made them hesitate to buy Zymego?

One hesitation we had was whether it would actually be a gain with Zymego or if it would be just another system. So I did quite a lot of research beforehand to understand how much time the staff spent with these tasks, and then it became very clear that Zymego would save a lot of time. Zymego has exceeded our expectations.

What do they appreciate most about Zymego?

It solves our problem, but it is also a very pleasant company to work with, which is very important when working with digital systems.

What have they achieved since they started using Zymego?

In addition to the time savings we see with Zymego, we also have much happier patients who find it extremely comfortable to sit down in peace and book their appointments. The patient may not always be able to respond exactly when they can attend the appointment when on the phone, and it is also convenient to be able to reschedule their time. Patients love Zymego.

How much do you save with Zymego?

In the triage chat, you can basically save all the time; you don’t have to do anything. Per nurse, it’s several hours of savings daily. For the nurse in the triage chat, you save 80% of the time, and for the nurse on the phone, you save 30% of the time.

What do you do with the time you save with Zymego?

The time savings you get with Zymego can be used for a lot more fun, but what’s important to me is that it’s not just about taking on more patients and doing more, but we use that time to ensure that the staff have a balanced workload so that staff don’t leave and feel great. In the long run, that’s incredibly beneficial.

Has any particularly positive event stood out since they started using Zymego that wouldn’t have been possible without Zymego?

Actually, every day patients come up and say how smooth it is to interact with us. It may sound exaggerated, but it’s a great source of joy for us that patients finally feel they can quickly get in touch with us and swiftly arrange their appointments, allowing them to devote their lives to other things.

What about Zymego surprised you the most?

What surprised us the most was how little introduction is needed to manage the system, that is, no introduction at all for the staff.

What would you say to someone considering buying Zymego?

I understand that one might be worried as many systems do not succeed, but that is not the case with Zymego. Give it a try, and you will have very happy staff, which is good for you as a manager.

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