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“The system also benefits us who operate a targeted specialist clinic”

Thomas Hopfgarten

CEO, Head of Operations, Chief Physician at Capio Urologcentrum

What possibilities did you see when you discovered Zymego?

We saw the opportunity to free up time from our staff. Especially when patients could manage their bookings around the clock, that way we could do other things that benefited the patients.

What made you take the leap and become one of the first three clinics to start with Zymego?

We got to be test pilots and take part in developing the product.

What is the most important result you’ve had from using Zymego?

We ourselves did not notice much of Zymego, but we did notice that patients use the service frequently and across all age groups, which we otherwise feared could be a limitation.

Tell us about the challenges you had before starting Zymego, which made you want to start using the service.

We had a lot of cancellations on Sundays which meant a lot of empty appointments on Mondays, as we couldn't fix it over the weekend.

What considerations did you make before choosing to implement Zymego?

If older patient groups could use Zymego, but it has been shown that both 80 and 90+ year olds have been able to use the system

How long until you experienced a noticeable effect of Zymego after launch?

2-3 months

Have you had to adjust your schedule after Zymego started handling bookings? If yes, in what way and has it been positive or negative?

We have locked certain appointments and have also chosen to limit the patient's opportunities to switch between doctors based on the sub-specialisation of our doctors. It is important for us that patients cannot switch to a doctor with another subspecialty.

What do you think about working with Zymego? Is there anything that is particularly positive?

Quick to change, responsive to our needs and driving us, when we were slow.

What results have you achieved using Zymego?

We have been able to add significantly more appointments on Mondays.

What do patients think of the service?

They think it's great and easy to use Zymego and it's nice to be able to have an earlier time. We can see that usage is increasing.

Do the staff notice that Zymego handles bookings?

Yes, via email feedback that we have set up to receive from Zymego when a booking is changed.

What would you say to other clinicians considering starting to use Zymego?

Think about what you want to achieve. What goals do you have? Our practice probably has a rather restrictive variant of the system as we want to control the patients quite tightly, so even as a targeted specialist clinic the system is useful.

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