Automatic scheduling of cancelled appointments


Ingmar Veinberg
Chief Medical Officer

5-10% of all dental appointments are missed due to late cancellations and no-shows, resulting in millions of time slots being wasted annually at enormous financial cost.

Our solution is an automated system that fills cancelled appointments and empty time slots. The entire workflow, starting with patients logging in to the web portal and ending with appointments being scheduled, is fully automated. 

Fills empty time slots

Zymego Now automatically fills cancelled appointments and vacant time slots, through a digital waiting list. In addition to signing up on the waiting list, patients can also cancel and reschedule their appointments on the portal.

Shorter waiting time

Long waiting times are one of the most pressing issues for patients. By receiving offers of cancelled appointments, patients can get a shorter waiting time, leading to increased patient satisfaction.

No manual work 

The system is easy to connect to the clinic, and then works completely automatically. Scheduling of cancelled appointments, as well as rescheduling and cancelling, is handled automatically by the system. 

Reduced administration

Through automation, the system relieves staff from administrative work, frees up time for patient-centred work, a much-needed break, or to catch up on other tasks.

Integration with practice management software

Zymego Now is automated through integration with the practice management software. Hence, staff don’t need to learn a new system, since Zymego communicates directly with the system in use at the clinic.

Secure data management

Zymego has been developed with a strong focus on data security. The system is developed in accordance with the GDPR. We handle personal data in accordance with the GDPR in Europe, and cooperate with European IT providers for encryption and storage. 

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Do you have a question about our solutions?

Below we have listed answers to the most frequently asked questions 

What is required by us as a clinic when implementing Zymego Now?

The clinic needs to fill out a short form with information on how the system should handle different booking types.
You also need to refer to Zymego's web portal on your website/booking portal, on the answering machine, through information at the clinic’s premises and in invitation letters. If the clinic is connected to an app where patients can book appointments, we recommend that you add information about Zymego Now and provide a link to the web portal in the app.

How can your systems be fully automated?

Automation is made possible by integration with the practice management system or booking platform. Today, most systems support integration. 

How can we be sure that patients on the waiting list are matched with correct time slots when using Zymego Now? 

Information about each patient's appointments is retrieved from the practice management system or booking platform through integration. Through this integration, Zymego also collects the necessary information to be able to match the patients with correct time slots. Thanks to our advanced matching functionality, we can ensure correct matching.

How do you handle personal data and IT security?

We handle personal data in accordance with the GDPR in Europe, and cooperate with European IT providers for encryption and storage of personal data. Zymego has been developed with a strong focus on data security and continuously follows the latest security recommendations. We only handle data related to appointments and scheduling.

What makes Zymego Now a unique tool?

The unique functionality of Zymego Now is the automatic matching function, which makes it possible to match cancelled appointments and empty time slots with waiting patients. It relieves healthcare staff of administration, improves finances for clinics and increases patient access. The high level of automation that we have achieved enables the system to work quietly in the background, so healthcare workers do not have to do any manual work, or learn a new system.

What is technically required when implementing Zymego Now?

Most practice management systems and booking platforms on the market support integration. If the system is web-based, we handle all the technical work related to the integration. If the system is run on-site (i.e. a local installation of the system), it may be necessary for the IT department to be involved in the integration work to a certain extent.

Not all patients have an electronic ID, and on some markets, eIDs are not widely used. What is your view on that? 

For security reasons, electronic identification is required. The purpose of secure identification is to ensure that information about a patient's appointments does not end up in the wrong hands.

However, regarding ways of identifying the patient, we are flexible as long as the solutions comply with the market specific regulations. In countries with many different tools for electronic identification, we will use the most popular solutions and provide alternative options if possible.

What payment methods are available in Zymego Lobby? 

As a baseline we offer PayPal and card transfer. However, we are flexible and adjust our solutions in different markets, so if there are other preferred payment methods in your country or region, we will do our best to add those.  

Do I need a physical payment terminal at my clinic to use Zymego Lobby?

No, patients pay and register on our web portal through their smartphones, a  functionality enabled by integration with the practice management system/booking platform in use. 

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